Babylon Betanet released

Radix has released the Betanet version of Babylon. This release is an important step towards the Babylon release, which is scheduled for Q2, 2023.

Scrypto update

The Betanet release includes Scrypto 0.7. With this version of the programming language for Radix, developers can set royalties for their blueprints, create recallable tokens and use wall-clock time.

Wallet preview, Radix Connect and Radix Engine Toolkit

A preview version of the new Radix Wallet was released for iOS. An Android version will follow later, but will be released during Betanet. Developers can also use the Radix Connect extension.

To communicate with the new wallet, developers can use the new Wallet SDK, which allows them to build transaction manifests and request wallet addresses. If developers need to query ledger state, they can use the new Gateway SDK.

With help of the Radix Engine Toolkit, developers can encode transactions to be signed while using the language of their choosing.

Radix Dashboard

The Betanet release also includes a preview of Radix Dashboard, which will replace the Explorer at the final release of Babylon. This is a very early version that is, just like the other parts of Betanet, focused on developers.

Next steps for Babylon

As we approach the actual Babylon release in Q2, we can expect to see more releases of Betanet to introduce new features. Next to that, community node running will start in January or February. Radix has reached out to existing validators to ask them to volunteer.

Read the Babylon Betanet announcement for more information.

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