Radix Grants Program pilot launched

A pilot for the Radix Grants Program was launched today. With the program, founders of projects on the Radix network can get (financial) support for developing their project.


The grant program launches in a pilot form, which focuses on projects already building on Radix. The team wants to focus on those founders who are already committed, and not without reason: the goal is to “create a movement, not a flash mob.”

Five applicants will be accepted for the grants program pilot, which starts in February, 2023.

Financial support and guidance

Projects that get selected for the program can get the following:

  • $30,000 in $XRD tokens
  • Bi-weekly 1-1 with an RDX Works mentor (among whom are team members like Dan Hughes (Founder), Piers Ridyard (CEO), Matthew Hine (CPO) and Adam Simmons (CSO))
  • Access to office hours with the RDX Works leadership team
  • Exclusive masterclasses
  • Guidance on compliance, cyber security, incorporating your company and more.
  • Help with user testing
  • Promotion and exposure via official Radix channels


Are you a project founder already building on Radix? Then make sure you apply to the program! You can find out more about the admission standards and requirements on the Radix Grants Program website. The application deadline is 16 January, 2023.

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