A preview of the domain registration service of RNS

Radix Name Service reservations open soon

You will soon be able to reserve your .xrd domain with the Radix Name Service project. The so-called Landrush event will allow you to grab a domain of your liking and link it to your wallet address.

What is Radix Name Service? (RNS)

RNS will map human-readable domain names to wallets and websites. The domains will end in .xrd, so radixfeed.xrd would be a good example of such a domain. Users can more easily identify your wallet or visit a website via this domain. RNS will work together with a number of wallets and third-party services to make sure the domains can be used there. Then, you will be able to send some $XRD to john.xrd instead of having to look up John’s wallet address.

Claiming a domain

RNS will host an event on their social media channels during which the community will be able to register domains, free of charge. A specific date has not yet been announced, but a post on Telegram makes clear it will happen soon. They recommend keeping an eye on their Telegram channel and Twitter account.

Early access for specific categories

Some categories can get early access to the domain registration through the Sunrise Initiative:

  • Projects currently building on Radix
  • Validators in the top 100
  • RDX Works ambassadors / team members

To make such a reservation, RNS recommends to contact one of its team members through Discord or Telegram.


RNS will be run as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), meaning that its direction will be decided by the community. For this, the $RNS token will be used, which will be airdropped to the community. The $RNS tokens will also give additional perks, but details have not been announced.

Setting up a pin code for the domain registration service of RNS
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