Twitter activity for RadFi 2022 explodes as event approaches

Today is RadFi 2022 day and as we approach the event, activity on Twitter explodes for RadFi. Yesterday, activity jumped 870% compared to the day before in terms of Twitter users tweeting about RadFi, while the amount of tweets increased by 540%. A lot of this activity probably follows from calls from RDX Works to help with RadFi promotion, but also from quite a few giveaways being organized by Radix projects. On top of this, RDX Works will also increase their efforts to promote RadFi before and after the event.

The data was gathered by Nelly from RadixCharts.

Join RadFi 2022

RadFi takes place today at 18:00 GMT. The event will consist of a main livestream of about an hour. Afterwards there will be multiple hours of deep-dive content available.

Watch the livestream on YouTube

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