A screenshot of the CoinMarketCap listing for Radix

CoinMarketCap verifies Radix supply and market cap

An issue that has long plagued Radix seems have finally been resolved today: CoinMarketCap has verified Radix’ circulating supply and market cap. A shiny blue tick is now displayed next to the circulating supply, which was first unverified and accompanied by exclamation marks warning users about this. The verified circulating supply also makes the market cap verified.


The reported rank is still off, but has made a jump from the 2000-3000 range to ~200. Being listed in the top 200 on CoinMarketCap possibly requires Radix to meet additional criteria, one of which might be improved trading volume, an area in which Radix is lacking in relation to its market cap. A mostly corrected listing on CoinMarketCap will hopefully help tackle that problem!

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