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More details about RadFi 2022 revealed

On top of what we already knew, RDX Works team members have revealed some more information about what RadFi 2022 will look like. We learn more about its contents and the duration of the event. There will also be a Twitter Space today to highlight more details.


Jeremy Epstein (CMO) says in a post on Telegram that RadFi will “cover everything, from consensus to the execution layer to the UX.” They will start off by explaining why the industry is currently doing it wrong and proceed to how Radix came up with an “integrated, Apple-like stack.” Jacob (Community Lead) emphasizes again that most of the info will be “old news” to current community members, but there will still be interesting bits.


We now also know that RadFi will consist of a livestream part followed by deep-dive content. The livestream, which is the main event, will take about an hour. The deep-dive content will be about 6-7 hours worth of content, but it’s currently unclear if this is livestreamed, or a set of videos that will be released after the livestream. A post by moderator Farah seems to suggest that it will be released as a set of videos, containing for example fireside chats/panels.

Twitter Space

To learn a bit more about RadFi, you can join the Twitter Space that is hosted today, December 6th, at 17:30 – 18:00 GMT. Jeremy (CMO), Piers (CEO) and Adam (CSO) will be joining the Space.

Make sure you sign up for RadFi! The event takes place on December 8th at 18:00 GMT.


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