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What can we expect at RadFi 2022?

A little less than a week until RadFi 2022 starts. On December 8th the Radix team intends to show the world how DeFi can work. But what should the 10,000+ registrants expect? Let’s look at some of the info we already have. Shifting the C-suite’s attention to RadFi preparations can’t be for nothing, right?

Radix’ solutions to DeFi’s issues

The audience the team is targeting with this event should be some indicator as to what they might show. The event is targeted at those not yet familiar with Radix, so we probably should not expect any hardcore developer-related announcements. Instead, we can probably expect an overview of the current state of DeFi and a dive into how Radix will improve it. This still makes it interesting for those already familiar with Radix, as it would give them a complete overview of Radix’ solutions to DeFi’s current issues.

No product releases

We can be clear on this one: there will be no product release at RadFi. Matthew Hines (CPO) made this clear recently. Looks like Babylon betanet is still scheduled for an EOY release.

Wallet preview?

While we may not expect any product releases, it is possible that the team will show off a preview of the Babylon wallet, or at least give more details on what it can do. Piers Ridyard (CEO) has hinted in several tweets that they will show how to solve DeFi’s current issues during RadFi. The new wallet will most likely play an important role in this, so a preview is not off the table. More so, Piers mentioned in a recent video that they will unveil something they have been working on for the past one and a half years. Could it be the wallet?

Sneak peak

Adam Simmons (CSO) said he would look into giving a sneak peak of RadFi early next week. No promises of course, but we are excited to get a peak at what is planned for next week Thursday.

Set a reminder

RadFi is scheduled for 8th December at 18:00 GMT. Make sure to set a reminder on YouTube for the livestream!

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