Piers Ridyard (CEO) addresses developers

In a recently released video, RDX Works CEO Piers Ridyard addresses all developers currently building and wanting to build on Radix. He thanks and praises participants of the Scrypto challenges, but also projects that are still building and those that have already launched on the Olympia network.

Piers also mentions that bigger projects from networks like Ethereum have shown interest in Radix.

Focus on RadFi

Some focus is put on RadFi as the date to mark in your calendar (8th of December). Most notably, Piers mentions that they will unveil something special they have been working on for the past one and a half year that they’ve never shown before. While it will not be a product release, our guess is it’s going to be a preview of the Babylon wallet, but we’re open to more surprises!

Watch video

You can watch the full video below:

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