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DefiPlaza working on pre-Babylon DEX

Following a governance vote, DefiPlaza will start their implementation of a pre-Babylon DEX (colloquially called a cDEX, for ‘centralized DEX’). DefiPlaza currently has a DEX on Ethereum and a $DFP2 bridge from Ethereum to Radix. What the DEX on Radix will bring is still a mystery. The team has been hinting at some unique features that should set it apart from competitors such as OciSwap, CaviarSwap and DogeCubex.

The work on the DEX was announced by DefiPlaza team member Timan, who let know that he had already started work on it before the governance vote. The most recent update as of writing, is that the (not final) algorithm for the DEX is integrated and a lot of setup is done. It will be some time before we see the DEX launched, though.

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