RDX Works reaches 100+ employees

The team of RDX Works has seen massive growth in the past 18 months. More than 80 new people have joined the team, according to a tweet by the Radix DLT Twitter account.

As we move closer to Babylon, RDX Works presumably needs the new hires to work on Babylon itself, the new wallet, marketing and more.


Community members have on multiple occasions questioned how RDX Works is able to finance its aggressive hiring strategy. In reply, the team has stated every time that there are enough funds to develop Xi’an, even with the bigger team. However, it was not made clear how much of those funds are held in fiat and how much in XRD tokens.

In a recent tweet, CEO Piers Ridyard explains that the occasional OTC deal is made, presumably meaning that this is used to (partially) fund the developments.

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